A community of like-minds, individuals, business owners, creatives, and enthusiasts that have come together to learn new skills, start a business and create opportunities while distributing wealth amongst ourselves. Are you looking for the next big business and web3 project with already existing customers/community? Then Join Us!


We Teach High-Paying Digital Skills

With the high need for smart skills all over the world, we teach community members high-paying digital skills which they can use in their businesses or generate income for themselves. After training, we hire them to work for those businesses for which we offer support. Founders also connect with us to supply skilled individuals to work for their establishments/projects.


We Fund and Manage Solutions

We host regular hackathons (with lots of food...#smile) to select the best solutions from the industry selected by the community to fund and establish, attracting more investment for rapid growth while helping with brand identity, tech support, and complete business development of a web3 project where 90% of the tokens/crypto are distributed to the community members equally so that the project enters the mainstream with an existing community/customers immediately.


Let Founders Coach You

Whether you are starting in any work of life or you are already established, you will have the opportunity to learn from founders of different industries who share insights into their experiences and mistakes you should avoid. They come with giveaways too....#smiles.

We just launched Like-Minds & Founders Connect (LMFC)


No better time than to be among the first set of community members to enjoy all the benefits LMFC offers. Below are images of some of our previous events (including celebrity events) both home and away, our partnerships with major firms and the founders, some courses for the community, our web3 product that is launching 2023, and other projects for 2023.

You can be a member


$4 - $23

Aside from the exceptional opportunities above, member of the community gets special vouchers during our events via the Lambatoken/House of Lambabros App.

  • Connect with Like-Minds

  • Human Capacity Development

  • Wealth Creation

  • Empowerment

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